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A Flash Project

2009-01-18 17:47:43 by Sciutoman

It's just a ton of stick fighting/violence bullcrap going on. I'm not sure if this movie has a plot or not, you'll have to decide for yourself. I think it has taken me a over 7 hours of work to only get that far.

Here it is!

- I still have to fix the first blue minion's head when he's about to fall in the ground.
- Add music at the beginning base fight scene.
- Add a scene with General pulling Boss in the jeep then highfiving.

Things I need for the movie that I'd like from you guys:

- Some more music and SFX that can be sent to me through PM

(I already know of Flashkit, Soundsnap, and some other sound and music loop websites)

- Constructive criticism in the comments box or PM

( Sadly, to say, this is the best flash thing I've done and it's two stick figures fighting. That's sure to get a bad grade from the Newground authors that think everything's a competition of originality.)


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2009-01-19 16:53:30

The funny thing is, my project is also a stick movie. Hey, wanna be Flash Portal Buddies?

Sciutoman responds:

Sure, I added you.


2009-01-20 22:30:10

Obama = Hitler

Sciutoman responds:

I wanted McCain to win, personally.


2009-01-21 14:37:36

I laughed within the first five seconds. Good job, dude. Keep working on it.

Sciutoman responds:

Thanks, no problem.


2009-01-22 10:02:03

I like the flash. It's better than most of the stuff I make. :D

Sciutoman responds:

Thank you!


2009-01-24 14:46:09

Hey again mate.
Very nice work! It's a very good movie you've got going on there, keep working on it!
Specially that little detail with the "No" moving from one side to another on the face, and the "Yes" moving up and down is a really good illustration, and really gives a good feel.
I think we have a lot in common. Want to be buddies?
I'll be waiting excitedly to see more on the movie in the future, and to see it grow. ;)

Sciutoman responds:

Thank you, dude! Sure, we shall be buddies...for a price. (I kid, I kid)


2009-01-24 15:40:10

Hehe, perfect. ;-)

Sciutoman responds:

Yes, indeed...



2009-01-24 16:01:31

What flash program are you using?

Sciutoman responds:

Flash 8, yo.