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Add me on Xbox Live!

2009-01-25 21:37:19 by Sciutoman

XBL Gamertag: Sciutoman

Live Games:

Halo 3
The Orange Box
Unreal Tournament lll
Perfect Dark Zero

Arcade Games:

Castle Crashers
Aegis Wing

Those are all the games that I have for the 360 that have Live capability. Add me and we could play one of those games later. See ya.


Hi Gulio!

A Flash Project

2009-01-18 17:47:43 by Sciutoman

It's just a ton of stick fighting/violence bullcrap going on. I'm not sure if this movie has a plot or not, you'll have to decide for yourself. I think it has taken me a over 7 hours of work to only get that far.

Here it is!

- I still have to fix the first blue minion's head when he's about to fall in the ground.
- Add music at the beginning base fight scene.
- Add a scene with General pulling Boss in the jeep then highfiving.

Things I need for the movie that I'd like from you guys:

- Some more music and SFX that can be sent to me through PM

(I already know of Flashkit, Soundsnap, and some other sound and music loop websites)

- Constructive criticism in the comments box or PM

( Sadly, to say, this is the best flash thing I've done and it's two stick figures fighting. That's sure to get a bad grade from the Newground authors that think everything's a competition of originality.)

Just some more animation I made from a couple weeks ago...

- Made this for a school project, I think it's kind of lame so I'll just stick to a drawing instead.

- After I made this I accidentally made the kicker cheer when the soccer was actually blocked...

- Made this during the holidays even though it has nothing to do with them. Pretty sloppy animation, but I thought the ending was kind of funny.

Nerd Punch
- Well, I drew up a nerd and I wanted to see how I could do animating a full body punch. Aside from his feet it's alright.

Regarding my Animating Skills

2009-01-04 07:42:32 by Sciutoman

Started animating around the middle/end of 07.

I think I'm getting better...